toskailyubov whispered: [ OMG YOU SIDE IMAGE IS SO PERFECT ]


Anonymous whispered: please make this flashabck au a real thing like make an entire blog for it i love it a lot b ye

((i don’t think I’ll make a separate blog for it, but i do have some long-term plans ahead. So this event probably will continue for a good while.))

Anonymous whispered: My dear Hartmann, does this translation job mean you are less likely to die in battle?


Anonymous whispered: Hartmann, what are your other four siblings like? :)

Let’s see…besides Gretchen, there’s…Hilda’s very mature for her age, but the twins……

Well, Mother says God gave her Hilda to help prepare her for the other two.

Anonymous whispered: What are all your siblings like, Hartmann?

Most of them are……..image


chinese-shibe-artist whispered: Is Gretchen the one who asked for a nice man in a uniform ;)

Yes…She’s always been that way.

Anonymous whispered: Dieter, is General Beilshmidt a hit with the ladies?

pasteries-and-portugal whispered: hey hartmann, what's your sister like?

I have three sisters! But I’m guessing you’re asking about Gretchen?image
She’s the one that has trouble hearing things. If I hadn’t grown up with her, I don’t think Officer Beilschmidt would have chosen me.

She’s not like Officer Beilschmidt - she can speak! And most of the time, she can understand what you’re saying as long you’re facing her and you speak loudly and clearly.

But some days her ears ring so badly she can’t hear anything at all. Our father used to get angry at her when she wouldn’t answer him right away…

One day I was just trying to tell her that Mother wanted us to come back to the house, and she couldn’t hear me, so I just…made the shape with my hands. image

After that, we started making up more and more words together. It was a like a game for us, and it made things easier.image

Mother’s always been much kinder to her….as soon as she was old enough, she started bringing Gretchen along to help her deliver babies. Now, she’s mother’s assistant. She teased me for a long time that she could handle the sight of blood more than I could….
image(Well, I’m the one off at war now. We’ll see about that.)

Anonymous whispered: Klaus, so what do you think of Hartmann?


Anonymous whispered: (Excuse me mun just FYI I would follow herr Hartmann into battle thank you have a sweet and relaxing day *flutters off leaving fresh coffee and cakes behind*)

imageInto battle? That’s very encouraging!

But…you probably shouldn’t follow me anywhere just yet!