Anonymous whispered: Did you meet other countries beside France? Which one was the most impressive?

imageMost impressive? Um….



anikai88 whispered: Hey Dieter, so you are his voice and spend a lot of time with him together: Do you thing you and Klaus are becoming friends? Or do you prefer being just one of his workmates?

E-Even if that’s true, he’s still my superior officer! I can’t just ignore something like rank!

I’m not sure this question applies in the military!

Anonymous whispered: Did you get to talk to France?

Ah….no. He was paying more attention to Officer Beilschmidt. I’m not sure he noticed I was there, to be honest…

Anonymous whispered: Did you find out who that country was?

Oh, that was France.

imageThey were our allies in the last war -

Wait. Should I say “he” was our ally, in this case? France - he was our - I mean, Prussia’s - I mean, Officer Beilschmidt’s - ally ….?


Anonymous whispered: Oh no, Hartmann! Every time I read that ask (probably 6 or 7 times by now), I misread it as "when do you think you'll *die* in battle" and get very concerned for you! D: Take care of yourself!


Oh…Sorry about that.

imageBut, ah… I am a soldier. I have to be ready for something like that.

I’m willing to die for my country.

imageThe other way around is more likely, ha.



imageLet’s see, you’ve died for me at least…twice, right?

imageYou’re welcome.





What am I supposed to be looking for?


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Anonymous whispered: Hartman, I wish you the best of luck. Stay safe, please.

Ah, thank you….

(..Did my mother send you?)

Anonymous whispered: Hartmann, what year is it? I've forgotten.

Huh? Oh. I’m still writing it wrong, too. I keep putting last year and scratching it out….
It’s 1754.


Thought I’d doodle this cutie
Hurt the cutie though, whoops

((ahhh gorgeous!!))


I made something for you (sorry for general suckiness.)

((omg is that a shimeji?))